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Site has moved

Hi All,

Just to let you know I’ve moved my blog to my own server Lots of content coming soon. 


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Whats new in Vue 2014

This vid is all about the new features in Vue xStream/Infinite 2014

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A Demo Reel!

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Last Flight Trailer Released

Well here it is, the official trailer for last flight, put together by Richard Thomas (also from Sunset Studios). Incase your wondering why it’s here, I shot some of it (mostly in the studio) including the first wide you see in the trailer, the low angle where she climbs up (shot on location) and the final shots after that. I also graded the whole thing, (see previous post). It’s currently being entered in short film festivals around the world and once it’s finished the circuit should end up on a browser near you. For more info see the Lastflight blog.


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Creation of complex form

This is an animation showing the creation of complex form derived from nParticles in Maya. The small lines indicate the location and velocity of the individual particles. For more information please refer to the section “Modelling with Dynamic Particles” in the paper “Digitising the Complex Form“.


Note that I have absolutely no idea why the faces exploded off and when I reran the model it never did it again, but hey, thats the whole idea behind complex form, the outcome is never entirely predictable.

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Sunset ID

I finally got around to finishing off the Sunset ID. Done in Vue (a while ago now) and then reworked in Shake. I love Shake, why-o-why has Apple abandoned me!


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Creative Tech

I spent Friday & Saturday last week at Creative tech, an Apple-centric conference held @ AUT here in Auckland. I’d been asked to be part of a panel of apple users to talk about how we use apples in our professions as an event to wrap up the conference. First up though; some really good sessions on iPad/iphone development, I’m going to have to have a crack at making an app, not sure what (yet). The Logic session (with Zed Brookes) was awesome, I learn’t a couple really cool tricks I need to try out too. I actually went to a 50 mactips in 50 mins session, which I’ll admit, I didn’t think would show me anything new, but I was wrong, there where a quite a few that  I didn’t know, check out the site, you may be surprised. Really enjoyed the opening key note with Mark Pesce and Saturday’s keynote with Matthew JC. Powell (check out his blog Some fascinating talks on Apples past, present and future. You can read more about the event on the herald site here.

So along came Saturday afternoon, and my time to perform was drawing near. Now I’m no stranger to talking to an audience but this audience was different. I’d talked to many during the two days and I’d established that the room was full of very talented creatives. I was actually nervous, esp as the entire event would be ad-lib. Thankfull all went really well. I don’t think I did too bad actually. phew! The panel was made up of some very interesting people that I’d love to speak with again (but perhaps minus the audience), check out that herald article, theres a section about the wrap event just after the “The Elephant in the Room” bit. Also check out the official site

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