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I'm a Technician @ Auckland University, teach Vue xStream @ Unitec, have a Science Degree, own a small film studio in west Auckland NZ (Sunset Studios), and a Dad.

Site has moved

Hi All,

Just to let you know I’ve moved my blog to my own server Lots of content coming soon. 


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Whats new in Vue 2014

This vid is all about the new features in Vue xStream/Infinite 2014

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Fear, Anger, Pain

Sunset Studios (Namely; Duncan Eastwood, Richard Thomas, & Myself) have an entry for the Make My Horror Movie contest called Fear, Anger, Pain which is set 1855, New Zealand.

Deep in the Coromandel forest three Pakeha gold prospectors and their Maori guide, Kepa, are attacked by an unseen force. While fleeing they take refuge with a group of local Maori, led by the fearsome Huinga, who are stockpiling weapons for a rebellion against the government. After members of both groups are killed by the invisible creature it is left to the remaining Maori and a Pakeha to form an uneasy alliance in order to survive. Is it a curse on the local Maori or the Pakeha’s presence that has incurred the creature’s wrath? And why does the creature remain invisible to some but reveal itself to others?

Please visit the page and hit like in the top right to show your support. cheers.
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A Demo Reel!

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Word to InDesign Tutorial

Want to work with word docs in Indesign? Perhaps you get content from clients/colleagues in word format and you need to lay it out with tools that are up to the job, well watch and learn.

TIP: If you have a client/colleague who is working on the word doc, get them to save it to a network/cloud drive (e.g. dropbox) and link the same file within inDesign, that way your client can update the word doc and all you need to do is open the InDesign doc (or update the link) and the changes will happen auto-magically!

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LAND6340 – Software Requirements

This video talks about the software requirements for LAND 6340: 3D rendering with Vue.
Also checkout

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Five things you should know in Photoshop

A small tutorial that covers; selections, layer modes, adjustment layers, smart objects and working with masks in Photoshop. I also talk a lot about non-destructive work flows.

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